Building a website is one thing but you'll need to put useful snappy content on it that will not only engage your clients but get you found on Google. There is a knack to this. 


If Google had their way then your web page would probably be an incredibly dull read and probably wouldn't provide your clients with the info they're looking for.


The key is to strike a balance between giving your clients the info they're after and giving Google the keywords it needs to stick you at the top of that search results list. Thankfully we know what we're doing on that front. Give us a call if you 'd like to know more.





Sometimes clients need to produce something tangible, like a flyer or leaflet that they can hand out at a trade-show for example - or a price list or menu that their clients can pick up and take away to read later. 


Whilst it is true to say that more and more marketing activity is being done online these days, some things will always need to be printed. Below are some examples of printed materials I have produced in the past for some of my clients. I designed the graphics and layout and wrote the copy.

links to Jelf Employee Benefits Brochure
links to Believe HR Website
links to Believe HR Website