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Business Supplies Design


Make your brand stand out on high quality stationery. 


   . Letterhead
   . Business cards
   . Compliment slips
   . Envelopes
   . Notepads
   . Folders
   . Conference stationery


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A strong brand is vital to any business... and it's essential to convey the right message.

Whether you're starting from scratch or wanting to update an already well established brand, we can help.


Why not come in for a coffee and let us show you how we can help.




Your logo will likely be reproduced in hundreds of different mediums over time. Online, in print, on paper, mugs, pens and conference stands... to name a few. 


For this reason, it's essential your logo is flexible and clearly identifiable wherever it's placed.

We can design you a flexible future-proof logo that you'll be proud of for years to come.

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People are rightly becoming more concerned with putting only what is necessary into print. 

Printed material should stand the test of time and make minimal impact on the environment.

Our designs are future-proof and we only use local suppliers and sustainable resources.



Designing a logo is very different from a company rebrand. The latter being a lengthy process that requires research into product placement, target market, core company values and your ideal client (to name a few).


For more about Branding, visit our branding page 


However, sometimes, time is of the essence and what you need is to get those business wheels in motion - so that you can get some experience, earn some money and take your business to the next level... and it's hard to do this if you don't have a logo.

For this reason, we do provide a "logo only" design service, but we always advise our clients to come back and talk to us about developing their brand at a later date.



Sometimes all you need are a few new graphics to brighten up an existing site.


Our ad -hoc graphic design work is charged by the hour so if you have a small project to take care of, it needn't break the bank.





People still love stationery... and your business stationery should quietly  and confidently shout "QUALITY!" to your 



Nothing says "Cheap" like business cards made out of card-stock that's too lightweight.  Get these little details right, and you (and your customers) will see a huge difference.