Designing a logo is very different from a company rebrand. The latter being a very lengthy process that requires plenty of research into product placement, your desired marketplace, your company's core values and target market (to name a few). For more on Branding see my branding page.


However, I believe there is a place for a quick, stand-alone logo design service... and as long as my clients are comfortable with the difference between these two services, I am happy to provide both.


Sometimes, time is of the essence and what you need is to get those business wheels in motion - so that you can get some experience, earn some money and take your business to the next level... and it's hard to do this if you don't have a logo.


It's like trying to have a relationship with someone you've only ever spoken to on the phone - you can only take it so far.




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Sometimes all a client needs is a few new graphics to brighten up an existing site. My graphic design work is charged by the hour so if you just have a small project to take care of, it needn't break the bank.






People still love stationery. And your business stationery should silently scream "QUALITY!" to your customers. Nothing says "Cowboy!" like business cards made out of cardstock that's too lightweight. Nothing says "cheap" like bad quality, slightly see-through letterhead. Get these little things right, and you (and your customers) will see a huge difference.