0.5 Submit your site to ONLINE directories.

Remember the days of the big yellow pages book landing on your doormat with a deafening thud?

Being just a bit of a greenie, I am glad the world has moved on from the immense paper tome. However, the principal is still as valid as ever – it’s just moved online… whenever and wherever we want it, without the need for paper. Yay! Yellow pages made the switch to online really early on but online directories range from well-known high profile platforms to local or industry-specific listing sites.


Listing your site on an online directory not only gives your clients another way to get hold of you, it’s also great for SEO performance. Submit your URL, business name and basic contact details to the directory and hey presto you’ve created another reciprocal link on your site = big brownie points with Google etc!


The good news is there are some great free directories out there… Google my business being a prime example and simply a must for any business owner (large or small)… after all who’s never used the phrase “ I’ll google it.” Give yourself a fighting chance and get yourself on there.

*As a web designer, ALL the sites I build are listed on Google as standard practice.


Essentially, the more places you can post your website links the better as it gets your business seen by far more people and increase the amount of those all-important reciprocal links to your site. That said, if: you are going to spend money on a listing, and you’re expecting to get a return on that investment ( as you should) it’s worth being a bit more picky.


Choose directories that are relevant to your target market and populated by complimentary services that will attract those ideal clients. Don’t bundle yourself in with a load of competitors who do exactly the same thing as you do – you’ll be lost and likely won’t get much traction.

To illustrate this, I wouldn’t for example pay to list my business in the Wix Marketplace (thankfully this is free to me as a Wix Partner so I don’t have to ). Whilst this is of course, exactly the kind of place potential clients look to find a web-designer, but I face stiff competition. I get a few hits but I wouldn’t pay for this service… I am one of THOUSANDS of web designers all sitting in one place!

However, If I could find a directory that was populated by a mixture of creative types who offer services that complime