Innovate to survive

Whilst scrolling through the local Facebook groups in my area, I was struck by the recent increase in business posts from local companies - that don't have websites! These companies are totally reliant on their facebook page and on their customers paying them in cash or by cheque.

Don't get me wrong - social media has probably been the greatest promotional tool for small businesses the world has ever seen, but is it really enough? Is it really a viable ecommerce solution? It's undoubtedly a fabulous way to (at very low cost) get your name out there and raise brand awareness, but when it comes to sealing the deal and actually taking that hard earned cash from your customers, do you really want to do it via social media? As a punter, I'd rather not make a payment that way. Apart from the fact it looks small-time and unprofessional, I wouldn't trust it 100%.

Ecommerce sites really don't have to be that much of an outlay. Many of our clients are finding that, at the moment, their route to market has been either curtailed or cut off completely. They are having to think of new ways to get their products to their customers whilst adhering to the necessary but very restrictive social distancing measures. Many of them are for the first time looking to their website to do more than just promote their business... they want it to be their point of sale too.

And why not? There aren't many businesses around these days that are unable to move some if not all of their business offering onto an online platform. All it takes is a little bit of innovation...

At WISE ASS WEBS, we are employing every tool at our disposal to help our clients through this tricky period. Where there's a will to sell, there's a way to sell it, sometimes we just have to do a bit of imaginative thinking and find a workaround.

If your business has been effected by the the Coronavirus and social distancing measures, pick up the phone and give us a call - we can help you find another route to market.

Your website should always earn it's keep, but right now it could also be a much needed buoyancy aid.

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