New Website Launch: Emma Spillane

Just before Christmas I got my favourite kind of phone call - from a previous client, wanting another new website.

Emma explained that despite still loving the original site I built for her back in 2017, due to developments in her career she was having a rebrand, and asked if I would build her new site.

"Of course"! I said, this being my favourite sort of project (it's so lovely when people come back) and we got down to the business of discussing new requirements.

Over the years, Emma has become increasingly involved with working with vulnerable children and young people - particularly in an educational setting and often with adopted children.

Emma had been doing a lot of this work alongside her previous business as a VA, but the time had come to jump in with both feet, say goodbye to VA work and concentrate solely on what she really enjoyed - supporting children and young people who have experienced trauma to not just survive, but to thrive in education.

And so Spillane Consulting became

Emma Spillane: Supporting vulnerable children in education


There's a lot of talk about "being your best self" these days but this is precisely what Emma facilitates for her clients through her work as a trainer. She ensures that kids who may otherwise fall under the radar are given the opportunities they deserve to thrive and be their best selves.

With this in mind, central to the rebrand was the theme of peacocks. A peacock's good looks not only lend themselves beautifully to design work but they point to not hiding yourself away, acceptance, stepping into your authentic self, and finding ways to express yourself confidently - to be unashamedly you. Just the kind of messaging that fits with working with children who've experienced trauma and may be struggling with managing their emotions, self-esteem and identity.

I've not worked alone on this site build. Kirsty Northover of Kirsty Northover Photography has taken some beautiful branded photographs of Emma in situ doing her thing... and Sam Barber of Sam Barber Design has created a fantastic brand and a set of logos that perfectly fit the scope of this project.

Together, the 4 of us have come up with a clear and eye-catching site that will hopefully serve Emma and her clients for years to come.

Please feel free to have a really good look around, and let us know what you think - we love feedback!

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