Promote your website for free #1 - Pimp your SEO!

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing 10 tips on how to promote your site for free. This week I’m going to be talking about SEO… no don’t hit the little cross at the top of your screen! I promise I’ll try to make it as entertaining and tech-free as poss. Grab yourself a cuppa, find a comfy seat and read on…

SEO is not the big scary monster its been made out to be

So, a lot of people come to me in a blind panic about SEO, and understandably so (even if it is unwarranted). For years, for the less technical among us, SEO has been some kind of dark art that you need to be some kind of mystical genius to understand… a rumour spuriously spread about by unscrupulous web developers who want to keep SEO all to themselves… Well, I’m here to debunk the rumour. There is nothing mysterious or even difficult about SEO (honestly!), it's actually refreshingly logical. Simply put, it’s a case of working your way through a checklist and making sure that you’ve done your bit… the rest is largely out of your hands and pretty much down Google and it’s bots. At worst it’s arduous, but it’s really nothing scary.

Putting in the time will pay off

It’s definitely worth getting your head around though - or at the very least finding someone to get their head around it for you, as it really can make all the difference when it comes to your ideal client finding you on Google. Even better, SEO is totally free - what’s not to love?

Somewhat controversially, I would argue that you don’t need to worry about the top 3 search results - simply because they are paid for. These are ads, and let’s face it - anyone can chuck money at Google to get their website listed at the top. But, when a website appears in the REAL top spot (the first listing under the 3 paid ads), you KNOW they’ve done their homework… they got there because they’re good - or at the very least because their SEO is good - and not just because they’ve thrown some money at Google.

Achieving a good position in the search results does take time and effort - that much is true, and it’s not something that happens overnight. What we can do though, is make sure we do our bit - by ticking all the checkboxes on that list I mentioned earlier.

When we build a new website at Wise Ass Webs, we treat search engine optimisation as PART of the build. By the time you take ownership of your lovely new site you can rest assured that every little SEO box has been ticked and all that jazz has been taken care of.

But what can YOU do? Strong SEO performance is achieved by a combination of many things: placing certain keywords and phrases throughout your website copy, adding alt text to your images and optimizing your headings so that your website can be found on search engines is just the tip of the iceberg. Something as simple as the length of time your Domain has been live can have a big impact too - so it can take a couple of years for google to take you seriously.

The good news is that because SEO requires time and effort, and is generally considered a bit of a ball-ache, the lovely peeps at Wix have created a fabulous step by step wizard that walks you through the process from start to finish*, remember that checklist I was talking about? Look - it literally is a checklist! AND they give you little step-by-step instructionettes in the event you have a box unchecked... love it!

*Pst! Contrary to popular opinion I am NOT on commission or paid in any way by Wix (sadly), I just think it’s a fab platform.

The importance of a regular MOT

So if your site has been optimised during the build stage and you’ve made sure you’ve jumped through every SEO shaped hoop ever since, that’s it right? You never have to worry about SEO again…? Sadly not. SEO is no golden bullet - you won’t get away with doing it once and then forgetting about it. Ideally you should give your site an SEO once-over every 6 months, making tweaks and improvements where necessary. This, at the very least will ensure that your site keeps up with any changes Google may make to the way they decide who gets the top spot.

…and that’s where Wise Ass Webs can help. It’s recently come to my attention that many people could benefit from what I affectionately call a site MOT, so I decided to put together a little package.

Here’s the deal…

For £75 I’ll review every page on your site - not just from an SEO point of view either. Design, copy, brand strength, marketing capabilities and SEO will all be reviewed. I’ll then produce a report and make recommendations where I think you could be getting more out of your site. Then, it’s entirely up to you whether or not you take my advice. If you do, the cost of your report (£75) will be taken off your final bill. Sweet!

Get in touch to book your Site MOT now

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