Tip no 4: max your email signature

We all lay eyes on what can feel like hundreds of emails per day. So make sure all the emails you send today work their hardest to promote your business - by including an email signature! Think of it as a digital business card…

A well-designed email signature is a hard working little block of information that can be added to the end of all the emails you send - helping you create a lasting impression on your readers… Plus, including your website as one of the main features provides a free opportunity to direct traffic to your site.

Unlike a traditional business card that’s only used once, an email signature can be added to every email you send - acting as a more subliminal reminder to your readers.

If you have’t created your email signature yet, here are a few tips courtesy of myself and my fellow Wix wizards that should set you up nicely.

1) Put the most important info first.

Everyone is short of time these days and we all know how to scroll at speed so give people the information they need as fast as possible. Start with your name and your preferred contact method, then add your tel no and web address… to get your website traffic stats on the up!

2) Keep it simple.

An effective digital signature is a simple one. As long as it provides all the essential info less is most definitely more, so avoid large blocks of text – there’s a time and a place for everything and this is neither the time nor place for War & Peace! That said…. a little pointer to your latest promotion is a great idea – just make it a short link to where they can read more…

3) Add an image.

A picture (or a logo) really does speak a thousand words… Draw your readers’ eye with your photo or business logo and they are more likely to read the surrounding text. Make sure you include a link to your web address on your logo too.

4) Make sure the pieces fit like a puzzle.

Once you have all the elements you need, check they all look good together. Your signature shouldn’t be cramped or unbalanced, and the text should be aligned neatly. Avoid using icons for tel no’s and email addresses - they’re simply not necessary and will clutter up an otherwise clean design.

Here’s an example I recently designed with a neat little online tool I found called WiseStamp

Have fun creating your masterpiece folks!


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