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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Back in the days when I had a big hairy boss breathing down my neck, there were 3 little letters that would send a chill down the spine of every member of the marketing team - ROI.

“Return on Investment” is big in the world of marketing - it’s pretty much how every marketing team justifies its existence - and if you can’t, you’re out.

Now that I work for myself though, those 3 little letters are probably my biggest champions - and actually form the very foundations of my business.

Your website is the most important item in your marketing arsenal and it can be a costly investment (although I like to think we’re fairly reasonably priced). Whatever the cost though, you should absolutely expect to get a return on that investment.

When was the last time you analysed the visitor stats on your website? How many clients did you get last month from your website alone? Do you make a point of asking your clients how they heard about you? THIS is how you figure out whether or not your website is earning its keep.

And if its not - well then perhaps it time you gave a us a call and booked in for an MOT.

Websites are wonderful things because they are organic - they grow with your business and you can edit them to reflect your latest offerings whenever you need to.

Over time though, your once smartly branded website can start to unravel. Branding guidelines fall by the wayside and pages added without much thought can leave your site visitors confused at best - and at worst see them hot footing it to your nearest competitor who will doubtless have all their little webby ducks in a row.

Unchecked DIY modifications can also wreak havoc on your SEO performance (where you show up on Google) so it's important to check in with a web developer every now and then for what we like to call a site MOT.

So what do you get? Well, there are 2 options.

If you consider yourself fairly tech savvy and have the time (and the inclination) to implement the changes yourself, we can simply supply you with a report which will include...

  • A review of your site's design,

  • A review of your site's content

  • An SEO performance rating

  • An in-depth PDF report listing: Recommended improvements The reasons for these recommendations A quote for the recommended work


...If on the other hand, you've no time to trump, and the idea of delving into the finer workings of your site fills you with horror, we can do the work for you. You'll get all of the the above plus 2 day's web work and a brand new spangly site that delivers clients straight to your door!

Interested? Give us a call and let us show you what we can do.

tot ziens

Laura x

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